Construction and maintenance calls for a wide range of experience and knowledge, for every building and every site is different and confronts us its own specific challenges.
Aangenamer Bouwen will advise its clients during every phase of the buildings’ life-cycle, be it its construction, its maintenance, its renovation or even its demolition.

In construction good communication is paramount, but alas, it also is Achilles’ heel of the construction process.
In our experience most misstakes are made in the initiating phase of projects, mostly because pricipal and contractors interpret each others words differently; and when expats are involved the language-barrier makes it even more difficult.

That is why we favor being involved right from the inception of your project.
Principals should Think, contractors should Do… we will gladly help you Think and subsequently translate your thoughts and wishes so that contractors and installers will properly understand and know what you expect them to Do !

Need some help and Advice setting up your Project ?  Let us know by using our CONTACT-form !