Optimizing your Building

Untill the early 1970s Dutch buildings were erected without any concern for our natural environment; they were not insulated, draughty and show lots of “thermal bridges” conducting precious energy out… no wonder they are known to be energy-inefficient and rather uncomfortable.

Upgrading a building can dramatically improve energy-efficiency and comfort, yet it should be done the right way, or else the effect will not meet expectations or even cause energy-efficiency and comfort to deteriorate !

By far the most efficient upgrade is even free of charge : Your Behaviour !
The way you use the building has a profound effect on its performance, are you aware of that ?

Another fairly simple upgrade is exchanging your traditional lightbulbs and -tubes by LEDs…
prices of LEDs are falling sharply and quality is rising, so an investment in LEDs pays off pretty quick.
Aangenamer Bouwen in conjunction with CONSUMTECH BV can show you the possible savings and offer you a nice range of quality LEDs for both home- and business use.

Adding insulation, double glazing and eliminating draught and thermal bridges may be your next step, but here one has to take into account that doing so the properties of your building will change… if done the wrong way these actions may over time cause moisture-buildup in your building, resulting in higher energy-costst and a very unhealthy atmosphere !
Aangenamer Bouwen will gladly advise you on how to properly apply these techniques.

Over time our use of buildings changes, calling for a different division of availlable space and/or extensions, new kitchen, new bathroom or simply new finishings and installations to meet current demands.
Planning such optimizations one needs knowledge of materials and insight in the way the building is constructed; we will gladly be of help !

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