Costs, Terms & Conditions


WIS-oder-formFor conducting a WIS™-Inspection we will charge you 1‰ of the public asking price of the property, with a minimum of € 395.00 and a maximum of € 600.00.

Examples :
Price € 175.000 > Inspection-costs € 395.00 including VAT
Price € 425.000 > Inspection-costs € 425.00 including VAT
Price € 625.000 > Inspection-costs € 600.00 including VAT

For inspection of properties outside the postal-code areas 10xx, 11xx, 14xx, 15xx, 18xx, 19xx, 20xx, 21xx, 22xx, 23xx, 24xx we will charge you with an extra € 100.00 to cover extra travel-time & -costs.


You may cancel any appointment made up untill 24 hours before the set time and date.
When cancelling your appointment less than 24 hours before the set time and date we may charge you with € 100.00 including VAT.


We deliver our Reports and Invoices in secured but printable pdf-format by email, to the address that you gave us in your application-form.
With the delivery of our Report, your order will be completed.
If a report is not challenged within 7 calendar days after delivery we assume you have read it and agree with it.
Reports will remain our intellectual property and will only be presented to you and – if applicable – your agent/advisor; only with your written (email) conscent will we provide a copy to a third party.
Not buying the property and/or us providing a copy to a third party does Not affect your responsability to pay our invoice.

Our WIS™-report has a validity of 6 months after inspection and only legally binds us to the principal that is named in the report or – should we have to consider him/her as our principal – the agent that did the application; the report and/or any rights derived from it are Not transferable.
Our principal is assumed protect us from any third party claims.


All our invoices have to be payed in full within 7 calendar days after the date on the invoice.
Please be aware that late payment limits our liability and may lead to us involving a debt-collection agency, in which case you will be held liable for All costs incurred, including legal interest.


Orders given by an agent on behalf of his/her client are regarded to be given by this client in person.
Should the client refuse to pay our invoice we will regard the agent to be our client and reserve the right hold him/her liable for payment of our invoice.

Note : Any agent that fills out our application form is bound by and assumed to present his/her client with our WIS™-Terms & Conditions.

Read on > COMPLAINTS & LIABILITY and our WISTerms & Conditions (pdf)

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