Every property-owner may run into it :

  • perseverant leakages
  • an unhealthy interior climate
  • unexplainable cracks
  • noisy neighbours
  • underfloor heating that doesn’t work as expected…

Our list of problems with buildings that we encountered over the years is way longer than this.

In most cases the property owner first calles a contractor, roofer or installer that tries to fix the problem, but – in spite of skills and knowledge – does not succeed.
If you recognise this, you may consider calling Aangenamer Bouwen !

Perseverent problems with buildings often have multiple causes, solving them often calls for a more holistic appraoch…
In some cases the cause of all troubles isn’t even to be found inside the building itself, but in its environment and/or the way that has changed over time.
Look at a building as were it an organism in wich all parts are interactively working together we often track causes that nobody thought was even likely… once the cause of the troubles has been established, the solution isn’t far off.

Facing perseverant problems with your property ?   Let us help you, use our CONTACT-form !