Costs-&-OrderWay most difficuties around properties are caused by injust expectations of the buyer.

To help you avoid such injust expectations we developed our Woning Informatie Service™ : together with you we visit and visually inspect the property of your choice, in order to obtain proper insight in its quality of build and state of maintenance and – not unimportant – its fitness to suit Your purposes.

But, before going on let us make one thing perfectly clear :

Our Woning Informatie Service™ is NO guarantuee that the building is flawless NOR insurance against technical impairments and imperfections !

We specifically like to stress that we do NOT seek to assume any risk for the property… You buy it, we do not !

Of course we will – within the limits of a non-destructive investigation – do our best to optimally inform you on the quality, properties and risks of the property, but please be aware that our investigations may NOT be compared with e.g. an English “home-survey“.
In the Netherlands there is no specific training for inspecting property, there is no national consensus on any standards to be used and conducting an inspection has no legal status, so it all boils down to the experience of the engeneer conducting the inspection.
And no, the tale that we may be able to find “hidden impairments” is a myth… just like you, we are not allowed to inflict any damage to the property as long as it is not yet yours, so we basically have to work with the same data you have and cannot look through materials to see what is behind them.

Should you discover any “hidden impairments” you may under circumstances be able to hold the seller liable and – should such a liability-claim end up in court – will hold a stronger position with our inspection than without it.

So, since we cannot protect you from hidden impairments, what then IS our added value ?

Well, you may compair our work with going to your local GP for a medical checkup.
With our experience we may notice signals that you may miss and whe for you it is hard to know whether a crack is structurally significant we have a better chance of knowing.
Should we encounter situations that make us doubt the soundness of the property we may advise you to have an extra specialised investigation carried out; such extra investigations usually add
significant extra costs and need the conscent of the selling owner, the choice whether to follow our advice is entirely yours.

The result of our inspection is – apart from a vocal explanation – our WIS™-Report (Example EN) that beholds our impression of the properties quality and state of maintenance and some advise on
maintenance and budgets.
This report is – should this apply for you – fit to be used to apply for Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG).


Application Form Property-Inspection