Method of Inspection

A Property Inspection typically takes between 1 and 2 hours on site, during which we will – preferably in your company – will visually review the property inside and outside.
Of course we will talk to the selling owner and his/her agent (if present) and have a look at photos and/or drawings that are availlable.
Besides the property itself we will also cast an eye on its surroundings, for that also may hold information that helps us to paint a picture of the property.

On our tour we welcome your questions and remarks, for they give us insight in what worries you and what plans you have with the property.

Along the way we will draw our conclusions and advise you accordingly, yet you should be aware that our investigation is limited and Not exact science… in The Netherlands there is No specific training for this job, there is No national consensus on standards of adjudgement and there is No legal basis comparable with the legal basis of e.g. a “home-survey” in Brittain.
This means that the outcome of any Property Inspection is largely dependent on the experience and insights of the engeneer conducting it and that therefore it is all the way possible – and even likely – that different engeneers may come to different conclusions !

As stated before, we use a non-destructive investigation technique, meaning that we have to rely foremost on visual indications found in and around the property.
We do not do any measurements, nor open any constructions if there is a risk attached of inflicting damage to it, e.g. we will Not open paint-stuck windows by force.
Crawlspaces and other confined areas will be inspected from their entrances, we will only enter them if we estimate that it can be done safely.
Furthermore we will only enter high-up places like roofs and the like if this can be done within the safety-regulations of the ARBO-Wet, using climbing materials made availlable on site.
Yet, even with the results of this rather limited method of inspection in most cases an engeneer with the right experience will be able to paint a pretty accurate picture of a property and the
technical risks involved.

Robert ‘t Jong since 1988 has personally reviewed over 12,000 properties of various build, age and use, so one might assume at least he has proper experience.


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