Our Vision

We strongly believe that our built environment should serve Us, not the other way around !

Of course we want our buildings to look attractive, feel “at home” in them, but without harming our natural environment that has to house and feed generations to come.

So, recognising the principles of “good Stewardship” we design and build preferably using materials from renewable resources like FSC-Certified wood, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and natural insulators like cellulose, wood-fiber and the like.
All of these may be used more than once in their native form, making a “circular economy” possible.

And of course we strive to use our biggest source of energy – the Sun – e.g. by orienting our buildings for optimal “passive energy collection” and installing solar-boilers and photo-voltaics to harvest the abundance of energy cast upon us day after day.

Yet, none of this works without the conscent and coöperation of the User, so in all aspects of our designs, the User plays the central roll !
A building must be usable intuitively, so we aim to keep it as simple as possible…

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