Design- & Drawing

At Aangenamer Bouwen we use 3D design, which allows us to virtually construct the new building before it is built in stone and mortar.
3D design helps us solving most of the challenges that a new building or alteration poses even before it reaches the building site, thus lowering the risk of misstakes that need costly repairs when discovered on the building-site.

For the principal a 3D-design is way more usefull than a 2D-design; most principals will only get a partial uderstanding from a 2D drawing, whereas a 3D-model allows them to virtually “walk through the building” getting a way better feeling for the end-result of his or her initiative.

3D-design also allowes us to exercise “integral design“, i.e. it enables us to integrate the ever more important technical installations right from the start, which not only leads to more esthetically appealing but also usually more cost-effective solutions.

Building the 3D-model takes a bit more time than a 2D-design, yet once the model is built, checking alternatives and solving challenging connections is easier to do.
All necessary 2D-drawings for use on the building site can be derived from the 3D-model and made availlable in other formats like dxf or dwg for further use by engeneers, installers etc.

Need a design or drwawing ? Let us know by using our CONTACT-form !