Budgets & Urgencies

When advising on works to be done in order to preserve and/or restore user-safety and/or functionality we distinguish between categories “Direct” and “In Time“.
Direct” means works that should preferably be carried out a.s.a.p. or at least within the first year after purchasing the property, all other works may be postponed a while, either because there is no danger for the user involved or the risk at developing concequential damage are slim and/or the part in question still has life-span left.

Note : “In Time” does NOT mean that these works are less important then e.g. installing an shiny new kitchen or bathroom !

If possible we will set a budget for works to be done, to be construed as “starting from-budget“, based on repair in the exact specifications as presented, e.g. single glass to be replaced by single glass.
Only if repair seems to be not viable anymore we will advise replacement.

Aangenamer Bouwen is Not a contractor or certified Installer, so all budgets are merely indications !
A more exact estimate can only be given by certified installers and/or contractors based upon a detailed plan and are largely dependent on the scope of the assignment, the luxury of the materials to be used and the amount of DIY-work involved.
We strongly advise you to – based upon the Same (!) data – obtain at least two quotes for work to be done, for offers may turn out te be way apart.

For short-cycle maintenance like e.g. paintwork we will only set a budget when it is largely neglected, in all other instances these works are to be seen as “routine daily maintenance” for which a yearly budget will be set in the table “Reservations Advice“.
In the table “Reservations Advice” we will show you how to build and maintain a financial reserve in such a way that when the time comes to carry out the bigger maintenance-jobs you will have sufficient funds availlable.


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