Standards of Adjudgement

When adjudgeing a property we pose ourselves two questions :

  1. “is the property as offered fit for it’s apparent purpose ?” and 
  2. “are there any signals that indicate damage and/or impairments that need urgent repair to guarantee user-safety and/or avoid loss of functionality and/or concequential damage ?”

Besides we look at the state of maintenance, in order to advise you on reserves to be held for maintenance-purposes within the next 7 years.

Our advice is based on “proper private stewardship“, i.e. “doing WHAT has to be done WHEN it has to be done without adding luxury or extra functionality“.
This advice only targets those parts of the property that are either structural or climate-seperating, like e.g. foundations, structural floors and walls, roof-structure and roofing, window-frames, façades, balconies etc., each separate and in their technical context.

Except in specific circumstances we will not comment on non-structural parts of the property like e.g. kitchen, bathrooms and all kinds of finishings, for these are the parts that You should adjudge yourself… what is OK for us may well be not OK for you and these are the parts you will change anyway, even if they are technically in tip-top condition, to give the property your own personal touch.


Physical properties of a building, like e.g. soundproofing, fireproofing, insulation and permeability of constructions cannot be established with certainty within the limits of our investigative technique.


Aangenamer Bouwen is Not a certified installer, so we are Not allowed to adjudge Installations !
Should we encounter signals that an installation needs extensive care, we will advise you to engage certified installers to do a technical checkup.
In most cases this involves opening constructions and/or installation parts for doing checks and measurements, for which the selling owners approval is needed.
Regarding Installations one should be aware that there always is one person that should know if they work or not : the selling owner ! So ask him/her specifically for known flaws and/or malfunctions.


When inspecting a property we will of course tell you if we encounter signs that indicate the presence of materials that may contain asbestos and/or sources of polution, yet since we are Not
certified to investigate asbestos and/or polution our findings are not necessarily complete and accurate and only to be construed as extra information, no liabilities attached.


If the property of your choice is an appartment, than by law an owners-association (VvE) will be responsible for maintenance and preservation of the complex it is part of.
As the owner of an appartment your responsibility ends at the outer boundaries of your apartment and is therefore limited to its finishings, dedicated installation-parts, kitchen-appliances and
Note : exceptions may be made and can if then be found in the “Acte van Splitsing“.
Since the VvE is so important, we strongly advise you to ask the selling broker to provide you with the latest minutes and financial documents of the VvE before deciding to purchase the
property; if these documents are availlable during our inspection-visit we will review them for you.


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