The Flock

Keeping up with an ever increasing load of rules, regulations and data just isn’t possible for one person anymore.

The solution to this challenge is “the Flock“… an ad-hoc coöperation of self-employed professionals and small businesses that amongst them have the knowlegde and power that one used to find only within lagre architectural agencies.

Every project and every lot is different; “the Flock” simply adapts to the projects needs, Aangenamer Bouwen often assumes an inspirational and/or coördinating roll.
Within our “Flock” you may find e.g.

  • Drawing agencies (AutoCad®, Revit®, ArchiCad®)
  • Structural Engeneers
  • Physical Engeneers
  • Cost-specialists
  • Material-specialists
  • Installation-advisors
  • Real Estate Agents & Property-specialists

Apart from these specialists we have of course also our list of contractors and installers that have proven to do a good job for a fair price.

The Flock“… Togheter we realise your dreams !

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