Swimming School Lisse

Annelies is a swimming teacher, working with small groups of young children.

For years she rented pool-time in a local hotel, yet her dream was to once build her very own swimming pool…

Alas, local rules prevent locating a swimming school on most locations, but in the end Annelies was able to lease an empty commercial space that – with the conscent of the gemeente Lisse – could be converted into a swimming school.

Conversion of the space presented us with some serious challenges :

  • The floor and foundation of the building could not hold the weight – 120 metric tons (!) – of the pool
  • The whole pool-installation should be removable once the lease ends
  • A water-temperature of 31°C and an air-temperature of 33°C demand for very specific air-treatment
  • High water- and air-temperatures stipulate specific attention to energy-saving
  • With 12 x 6 x 1,4 m the pool may be no bigger than a private pool, yet it should comply with the same harsh rules and regulations as a public swimming-pool

Aangenamer Bouwen designed the pool placed on a seperate foundation, highly insulated using a thich mantle of cell-concrete and encased by high-insulation panels normally used to build sub-zero storage facilities.
Installations can be switched to solar-feeding should fossile energy-prices rise in the near future, to limit operating costs as much as possible.

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